The Residents
S01: Stories from the Greenhouse

artist residency program Νο.1

Maria Andreou
Adonis Archontides
Michelle Padeli 
Stephan Takkides
resident artists

In 2016, phytorio inaugurated its Residency Program, which is addressed primarily to Cypriot artists living in Cyprus and abroad. Through this program, phytorio creates a platform for experimentation, supporting the visual arts and research, and drawing attention to issues of collectivity and collaboration. Our space is offered to the residents as a studio space for the production of thought and work during the summer months,  encouraging an exchange between visual artists, but also between artists and the public. Whenever necessary, a place of residence is provided for the artists, (as was the case in 2016, in collaboration with NiMAC-Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre).  

An exhibition with the work produced opened to the public at the end of the program, giving both artists and the audience the opportunity to meet and converse. The vitality of our residents activates and invigorates both the space and the goals of the association, which is to create favourable conditions for artists and cultural production.