Artists Take the Floor: 
Lightless Images; 
a Commentary on the Poetics of Dimitris Lipertis


"I live a dark life, a dark one ... the poet writes.

In this line, the choice of words is characteristic of the symbolic value the poet Dimitris Lipertis attributes to the neutral, black color. In his poetic oeuvre, his preference for the color black is obvious. Almost completely dismissing any other color value, Lipertis reduces black - and consequently the value of colorlessness - to a means of expressing his own illuminating and stifling truth. For the poet, the weight of color is a counterweight to the weight of his soul. This lecture is a commentary on the dark imagery of the life of the leading Cypriot poet and examines the darkness of his memory and his inwardness. Works of art and concepts, contemporary to the poetic works under examination, accompany the commentary of Christodoulidis, demonstrating their importance not only in our days but also in their era.

Artists Take the Floor is an ongoing initiative that allows local artists to engage with the public, talk about their practice, and specific concepts, themes, and theories, they are interested in. Through this platform, the association aims to open up the discussion and enrich the discourse around the arts in Cyprus.


Savvas Christodoulidis
Visual Arts and Assistant Professor at Frédérick University


Pavlos Paraskevas
Director of Cultural Services Ministry of Education and Culture

Poem Recitations

Sotos Stavrakis
Director and Actor